Hydraulic jack error action against

  Jack's operation is an old problem, now all for security operations, incorrect operation has had a relatively clear understanding, but hailing the hydraulic remains to again Jack for all load-bearing problem, this is what had been recognized but ignored problems.
we in using hydraulic jack Shi will multiplied by coefficient, to ensure hydraulic jack of security top rose, or can extended hydraulic jack of using life, certainly full load using hydraulic jack is can of, but we in using party using hydraulic jack Shi, remember top rose of weights load tonnage cannot beyond hydraulic jack using load category, will effect separation type Jack of using life, serious of situation will directly damaged separation type Jack, caused Jack bottom rupture, and drum cylinder, and leak oil, dangerous Also is in the process of using load using separate Jack, bad will cause the cylinder piston rod cylinders, resulting in oil spills, increasing the risk of their operations.
correct use of hydraulic jacks will not only better use of good products, improve work efficiency, when you want users to use a hydraulic jack be sure not to overload the hydraulic jacks, errors not only not improved operating efficiency, will bring harm to the hydraulic jack. BACK

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