Hydraulic analysis of four common car Jack

we buy vehicles will usually get some vehicle configuration, Jack is important as the car object. Today, hailing the hydraulic for everyone to resolve the four common car Jack.

    rack Jacks: family cars in the most common type of tools, driven by the human through the lever and gear rack lifting heavy things, such jacks have two shapes, one is the "Chevron" was a "diamond". Herringbone Jack lightweight, folds up small after a good storing, the disadvantage is that support small, not very strong, usually to about 1 ton of the family car. Diamond Jack's principle and shape very much the same, before use, familiarize yourself with the handle Assembly before use.

    mechanical Jacks: the role of rose through the rotation of the threaded and thread the self-locking function to support heavy loads. This Jack is simple in structure, damage and loading is relatively large, low transmission efficiency, rising and falling slowly and have greater self-respect, is to use a physical work.

    hydraulic jacks: hydraulic lifting jack to use saves time and effort, the principle is the oil Chamber oil manually through the check valve into the tank to lift heavy objects. The Jack lifting and back faster, able to withstand the weight of 3 tons, car repair workshop can see it, but is larger in size, carrying extremely inconvenient, although easy to use but also the interior space and beautiful, so basically what cars do not have to configure such a behemoth.

    inflatable Jack: this Jack is still very rare, largely separate tools. Inflatable jacks suitable for special environments, such as off-road rescue and relief, relief over difficult roads. Its principles are connected by a hose car exhaust pipe, automobile exhaust emissions to air bag inflated to get support. Gas Pack very strong to bear the weight of 4 tons, also because of the lack of traffic restrictions, saves the trouble of looking for flat ground, is always available.

    through this we can car jacks have a clear understanding, Jack, although you do not need too many make use of force, but also pay attention to the correct methods of operation in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

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